What other Max Buzz, Max and GoZone items or accessories can I buy in the Virgin Pulse store?

Any of the accessories that are available for the GoZone and Max devices are also available in the Virgin Pulse store!

We offer the following items for purchase:

  • Max wristband (in several color options!)
  • Max clip (in several color options!)
  • Buzz wristband (in several color options!)
  • Buzz clip (in several color options!)
  • Micro-USB cord for Max syncing
  • Replacement batteries (pack of 2!)

Note*: We do not offer the mini-USB cord used for GoZone syncing in the Virgin Pulse store; however, mini-USB cables are a common household item if you have any other type of device that connects to a computer. Check the cords that you have available at home, use a co-worker's, or you can buy one at a local store such as Best Buy, Target, or Walgreens.

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