My Polar activity is not displaying in my Virgin Pulse account.

If you are uploading your data into your Polar account and you are not seeing it in your Virgin Pulse account, there are a couple of things you'll need to check.

1)  Did you choose Virgin Pulse as a data-sharing partner on the Polar website? Confirm that you have followed the steps in the "How do I connect to Polar?" article to connect to Virgin Pulse.

2)  Are you uploading your Polar device to Polar Pro Trainer or to Polar Pro Trainer is a desktop application, local to your PC. Virgin Pulse does not have access to data in this application. In order to make your activity data available to Virgin Pulse, you'll need to upload to

3)  Is the Polar WebLink software running when you try to synchronize? If so, you'll see a small gray heart-shaped icon in your PC's task bar. If not, you'll want to visit, and download the appropriate version of the WebLink software.

4)  Do your Workout Sessions appear in your diary? If not, you may be synchronizing incorrectly. If your Sessions do appear in your diary, then your data should be transferring to Virgin Pulse. If you have confirmed all of the above, please contact our Member Services team via Chat or Phone for further troubleshooting assistance.

Note*:  Any workouts stored on your Polar device prior to your Virgin Pulse account being linked to your Polar account will not be transferred to Virgin Pulse and no Points will be credited.

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