Where can I view my Points score?

Please note, that earning of Points must be offered by your sponsor. Check out your "How to Earn" page or the "My Rewards" page to learn about your earning opportunities!

Once you enroll in the Virgin Pulse program, you can earn Points within your current game. The goal is to earn as many Points as possible, and try to reach Level 4 during your game.

You can view your current Points score within your Virgin Pulse member website! Once you have logged into the website, hover over the "Rewards" section in the top-navigation menu, and select "My Rewards".

Your Points score will also display on the top of your home page (click the Virgin Pulse logo located in the top left corner of the page to navigate home!).

Based on the type of program that is offered to you by your sponsor or employer, your current game could last one month, one quarter, several months, or one year. Once your game is over, your Points will reset to 0 and you will begin a new game! Any rewards that you earned during the previous game will still be available for you to spend, will be transferred to the corresponding account by your sponsor, or can be redeemed internally!


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