How do I receive the Reasonable Alternative reward for activity?

Please note, your Employer may have a different process for reasonable alternative exceptions, so it is a possibility that Virgin Pulse would refer you to your internal Human Resources department to complete your request. 

In order to receive the daily Reasonable Alternative reward for activity each day, you must have the accommodation applied to your Virgin Pulse member account. Check out the "What are the reasonable alternatives for medical exceptions?" article to confirm that you have completed this process. 

Once this is applied to your account, you can receive the daily reward maximum of 140 points by entering a workout using the "Get a Workout" Healthy Habits tracker, or the "My Workouts" section of the "Stats" page. 

To enter your workout on the "Stats" page, follow these steps:

1)  Log into your account on the Virgin Pulse member website.

2)  Hover over “Tracking” in the top-navigation menu. In the drop-down menu that appears, select “Stats”.

3)  Scroll down the page and locate the "My Workouts" chart on the page.

4)  Click on the "+" next to "Log a Workout". A pop-up will appear.

Note*: If you'd like to enter an activity for a past date, up to 14 days back, use the arrows to navigate to that date.

5)  Select the type of activity that you'd like to add. You can select one of the pre-selected icons  (walking, swimming, etc.), or you can add your own activity by typing it into the text box below. 

6)  Once you've selected an activity, the pop-up will expand to display areas to enter the duration of your activity (required), and the distance. Enter your duration in total minutes (ex. 1 hour is 60 minutes).

7)  Click on the "Save" button.

8)  The pop-up will close, your activity will be saved and populate in the "My Workouts" chart, and you will receive the "Maximum Activity Reward" of 140 points.

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