My sleep tracked with my Max is not displaying in my Sleep Guide.

Please note, the Sleep Guide must be offered by your sponsor in order for you to be able to access it. If you have tracked sleep with your Max, and it is not displaying on the "My Sleep" chart on the Sleep Guide, please check the following:

1)  Did you turn off your sleep tracking session? It's easy to wake up and start going about your day, and forget to turn off sleep tracking on your Max! Make sure that you have pressed the button on the side of your Max to stop tracking your sleep. Once pressed, the total amount of time tracked will display on the screen.


2)  Have you synced your Max device? You must upload your Max device following your sleep tracking session in order for it to display in your Virgin Pulse account on the Sleep Guide. Check out the "How do I upload my Max?" article for more information. 

3)  Did you wear your Max device while tracking your sleep? We understand that it may be convenient to turn on sleep tracking, and then set your Max device on the nightstand beside you if you do not want to wear the Max and wristband while sleeping. However, some movement is needed in order for your sleep session to be recorded as validated. You do not have to track sleep with Max using the Max wristband, but we highly recommend that you do so, as it significantly improves tracking accuracy.  

Note*: We cannot correct a previous sleep session that has not been recorded as validated. To prevent this from happening in the future, turn on sleep tracking on your Max device, walk around your bedroom, and then place it onto the nightstand. 


If you continue to have issues with your sleep session displaying in your Virgin Pulse Sleep Guide, please reach out to our Member Services team via Phone or Chat for additional assistance.

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