December 2016

Step Converter tool:



You can now access the step converter tool directly on the “My Stats” page under “My Workouts.” Simply click on the “Log Workout” button to open the step converter tool. Then select from the list of activities.

If multiple activities are entered in one day they will be aggregated after they are converted into steps and viewable under the “Converted Steps” category. Keep in mind, this is non-validated data and does not convert to validated activity rewards.


Manually log steps:


In addition to converting steps, you can click on the Log Steps + sign which opens the Self Track Steps window to manually log your steps on the “My Stats” page.

Once “saved,” the steps will appear on the stats chart as “Self-Entered” steps. 


Max Firmware Update

We’ve improved Max based on your feedback!


  • The time and steps are combined on the home screen, so there are fewer screens to push.
  • Your progress toward your step goal is displayed as a circle moving around the perimeter of the home screen.
  • When you reach your daily goal, the circle turns solid white for an at-a-glance reminder that you’ve hit your goal.
  • Calories and distance icons have been simplified.
  • Added new messages to encourage activity.
  • More accurate notification of a low battery.
  • Active Minutes screen now only appears when you have active minutes.
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