How to take measurements using Higi

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Higi Stations are conveniently located in retail pharmacies, grocery stores in your neighborhood, and sometimes on-site at your employer. Higi is your free and easy way to track your health and wellness information.

Download the higi App in order to sync your measurements and create your free account.

Once you have registered an account with higi, you can connect it to Virgin Pulse under Devices & Apps and select higi. It will prompt you to enter your login information and agree to data sharing.

You can connect higi to your Virgin Pulse account via the Devices & Apps page on the member website, or via the Virgin Pulse app:

1) Log into your Virgin Pulse account on member website:

2) Hover over your profile picture with your mouse and select "Devices & Apps".


3) Hover over the higi section and a "Connect" button should appear; click on "Connect".

4) You will be re-directed to the higi permission page where you can log into your higi account, or create a higi account in case you do not have one (you can create a higi account on the higi website.

5) Once you create your account, you will be met with the screen displayed below. Click on "Authorize".

6) Once you authorize the connection between higi and Virgin pulse, you will be re-directed back to your Virgin Pulse after a brief moment. A chain-link in the upper right corner of the higi section will be displayed, acknowledging the connection.

7) To connect higi via the Virgin Pulse app, please make sure you have the latest version of the Virgin Pulse app installed, and log into the VP app.

8) Tap on the 3 horizontal lines in the upper left corner of the Home screen.
9) Tap on "Devices & Apps" from the menu.


10) Select "Higi" from the Available Devices & Apps list.

11) Tap on "Connect".

12) If you already have a higi account, tap on "Log in". If you do not have a higi account yet, tap on "Create Account" and follow the steps 4-6 mentioned above.

13) Once your account is connected, higi will appear in the My Connected Devices & Apps section.

Once connected, this would allow your measurements to count as validated measurements on the Virgin Pulse platform.

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