How do I confirm if my permission settings are set properly?

Apple Watch App and iPhone Permissions

Let's try the below and see if there is a setting that has been missed.

Go to Settings:
Click on Cellular
Scroll down the Virgin Pulse App and click on the VP app, make sure the slide button is showing as Green.

Back to your Settings:
Got to Software Updates; make sure you are on 10.3.1

Back to Settings:
Click Privacy; scroll down to the Health App section and click to open.
Click on Virgin Pulse.
Under the "Allow Virgin Pulse to Write Data" section, be sure the slide button is green.
Under the "Allow Virgin Pulse to Read Data" section, be sure all slide buttons are green.

Back to the Privacy Settings:
Click on Motion and Fitness.
Click on Virgin Pulse. Make sure the slide button is green.

Back to Setting:
Scroll down to the Virgin Pulse section and click to open.
Be sure that Location is set to "always"
Be sure Motion & Fitness slide button is green.
Your choice to turn on or off the Virgin Pulse Notifications and how you will see them.
Try turning on the Background App Refresh.
Try turning on the Celluar Data.
Make sure you on the Virgin Pulse App version 3.0.206 or higher.

Ensure you are using the most current App version and IOS on the iPhone.

In the Virgin Pulse Mobile app,click on the 3 lines in upper left hand corner and go to "devices & apps".

Ensure Apple watch shows as "My connected devices and apps".

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